• "Anti-Christian Ruling by Israeli Campus Rabbi is Destructive and Wrong" say CJCUC Staff

    The staff at the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Jerusalem are appalled by the recent ruling of Rabbi Elad Dukov, the Technion’s synagogue rabbi, forbidding Jewish students to enter the student hall where a decorated Christmas tree is present and calling it paganism as well as an anti-Jewish symbol.

    According to the overwhelming majority of Jewish law (halakhic) decisors, (including eminent figures such as Rabbi Jacob Emden and Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch) Christianity is not idolatry and Christmas trees are neither worshiped by Christians nor used in their worship services. Furthermore, the Technion Student Center is not a place of worship and placing a tree within it in no way designates the student center as a Christian house of worship.

    It is tragic that when extremist Islam is targeting Christianity as the infidel who must be destroyed, Rabbi Dukov would add fuel to the flames. It rather behooves us Jews to welcome the Christians in our midst as being our brothers and sisters, gerei toshav, who share our belief in ethical monotheism and live in accordance with the seven universal laws of morality. We must respect their religious symbols; imagine if the Christian majority in America would forbid Christians from eating in a room with a Hanukkah menorah? The God of Israel and the world believes in absolute morality and cultural pluralism, as is powerfully stated by our prophet Micah, "Let all the nations walk each one in the name of his god and we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever." Let us respect and work together with those nations who accept the morality of God's covenant with Noah and let us use our energies to fight the terrorism running rampant in a world in which a large segment no longer sees peace as the highest ideal.

    Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Founder
    David Nekrutman, Executive Director
    Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, Associate Director
    Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, Academic Director
    Rabbi Abe Reichman, Community Relations
    Rabbi Alan Yuter, CJCUC Lecturer
    Rabbi Joshua Ahrens, CJCUC German Office
    Limor Riskin, Director of Operations
    Sara Kremer, Marketing Director
    Roy Doliner, CJCUC Lecturer

    Please note that Rabbi Dukov’s ruling does not represent the position of the Technion, an institution dedicated to student & faculty diversity and religious freedom.

    Rabbi Wolicki Responds To A Local Rabbi's Ruling On Christmas Trees

    A few days ago, a prominent news website serving the religious Zionist sector publicized a halachic (Jewish law) ruling issued by Rabbi Elad Dukov, the campus rabbi at Haifa’s Technion University. According to the ruling, Jewish students are forbidden by religious law from entering the student center, where many students eat lunch and congregate between classes, due to the presence of a Christmas tree that has been placed there. Please read Rabbi Pesach Wolicki's, CJCUC's Associate Director, response to this ruling.

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  • Christians are “Discovering the Hebrew Bible” with Orthodox Jewish experts in Israel

    Since 2008, the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) has demonstrated our commitment to dialogue and theological exchange by opening our doors to the Christian world at large to come and study the Hebrew Bible. With hosting over 20,000 Christians at our Efrat headquarters as well as other locations in Israel, CJCUC is now meeting the demand for its bible study sessions with a new site in Jerusalem.

    CJCUC’s renowned staff, faculty and advisors offer the opportunity to learn the Bible and advancements in Jewish-Christian dialogue in either small or large group sessions. Our team of Orthodox rabbis and educators are experts in both Bible study as well as Jewish-Christian relations. Christians are invited to join us for a learning experience that will transform their Israel visit.

    During your next trip to Israel, consider “Discovering the Hebrew Bible” with us. Enhance your Kodak moment of Israel with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, the Land and its people. Make your physical trip to the Land of Israel into a mountain top experience. Join us for in-depth learning of the Hebrew Bible through a Jewish lens. To book a session at CJCUC, email us at info@cjcuc.com.

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