• Judaism, Christianity and Religious Pluralism

    by Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn

    ...Jews have resisted acknowledging the Christian claim [in sharing of the biblical covenant] for historical and theological reasons. But the matter cannot remain settled with this denial, for as the rabbis cited indicate Christianity is closer to Judaism in history, mission, and content than, for example, an Asian religion that might fulfill the Noahide commandments. For whatever reasons, God has closely intertwined Jews and Christians historically, and Judaism and Christianity theologically. For Judaism, then, Christians cannot be mere Noahides. Christianity must stand theologically somewhere between the Noahide religion and the Judaism of the Sinai covenant... Read more

  • Christians are “Discovering the Hebrew Bible” with Orthodox Jewish experts in Israel

    Since 2008, the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) has demonstrated our commitment to dialogue and theological exchange by opening our doors to the Christian world at large to come and study the Hebrew Bible. With hosting over 20,000 Christians at our Efrat headquarters as well as other locations in Israel, CJCUC is now meeting the demand for its bible study sessions with a new site in Jerusalem.

    CJCUC’s renowned staff, faculty and advisors offer the opportunity to learn the Bible and advancements in Jewish-Christian dialogue in either small or large group sessions. Our team of Orthodox rabbis and educators are experts in both Bible study as well as Jewish-Christian relations. Christians are invited to join us for a learning experience that will transform their Israel visit.

    During your next trip to Israel, consider “Discovering the Hebrew Bible” with us. Enhance your Kodak moment of Israel with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, the Land and its people. Make your physical trip to the Land of Israel into a mountain top experience. Join us for in-depth learning of the Hebrew Bible through a Jewish lens. To book a session at CJCUC, email us at info@cjcuc.com.

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  • CJCUC Sample Bible Sessions

    Videos courtesy of El Shaddai Ministries in Seattle, Washington
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    • Judaism, Christianity and Religious Pluralism

      by Eugene Korn

      “Why was Adam created alone? [I.e. Why did all humanity emerge from one person?]… To tell of the glory of The Holy One, for when a person mints many coins from the same die, all the coins are identical.

      But while the King of Kings, The Holy One, mints all persons from Continue Reading

    • Does Esau Always Hate Jacob?

      Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn

      Every young Jewish child learns early in his Torah education that “Esav Soneh l’Yaakov”—Esau hates Yaakov. The original statement is found in Bereishit Rabbah, but it was Rashi who etched it in the minds of Torah Jews, when he quoted it in his commentary on Genesis 33:4. There the Torah tells us Continue Reading

    • The Freedom to be a Holy People

      By Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn

      In synagogues this month, we read the glorious Jewish march from Egyptian slavery to freedom. When the Jewish people emerge triumphantly out of the Red Sea, they are finally emancipated from 210 years of cruel servitude to despotic Pharaohs. The political philosopher Michael Walzer has shown that the Exodus narrative Continue Reading